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Rahul Kannan

Rahul Kannan

Picture of Rahul Kannan
Rahul Kannan
Assistant Professor, Research Stream


Physics and Astronomy

Eligible to Supervise

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Program
Full Member


Office Location 326 Petrie
Phone Number 416-736-5249

About me

Cosmological structure formation, interstellar medium, feedback processes, fluid dynamics, radiation hydrodynamics, plasma physics, high performance computing, numerical algorithms.

I am a computational astrophysicist working on modeling galaxy formation and evolution in a cosmological context. My interests include, investigating the role of various feedback processes in regulating the properties of galaxies, impact of plasma physics processes like anisotropic thermal conduction and cosmic rays on the properties of the intra-cluster medium, physics of the inter-stellar medium, origin of the very first stars and galaxies in the Universe and modeling the epoch of reionization. I am also interested in building high-performance computing algorithms that can be used in next-generation structure formation simulations.

Research Areas

Astronomy and Astrophysics

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