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Seyed Moghadas

Seyed Moghadas

Picture of Seyed Moghadas
Seyed Moghadas
Full Professor
Graduate Program Director - Graduate Programme Director


Mathematics and Statistics


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Office Location Ross Bldg., Room S619
Phone Number 416-736-2100 ext. 33798


I have broad expertise in mathematical and computational modelling with application to epidemiology and population biology of infectious diseases. I am also directing the Agent-Based Modelling Laboratory at York University. My lab offers highly specialized research and training programs in which the trainees develop professional skills with a solid theoretical background in systems biology, with particular emphasis on computational epidemiology, pathogen-host dynamics, ecological interactions, inference and data analysis, behavioural analytics, stochastic modelling and simulations, and use of smart technologies in modelling infectious diseases. These programs provide an enriched environment for interdisciplinary networking activities and collaborations across disciplines.

Research Interests

Mathematical and Computational Modelling: Infectious Disease Modelling, Agent-Based Simulations, Pathogen-Host Dynamics, Computational Epidemiology, Data Analysis, Public Health, Ecological Interactions

Dynamical Systems: Stability, Bifurcation, Normal Forms, Index, and Perturbation Theories

Numerical Analysis: Non-Standard Methods, Convergence Properties, Bifurcation Analysis, Asymptotic Behaviour


Computational Epidemiology and Immunology

Research Areas

Applied Mathematics