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About the Student System Renewal Program (SSRP)

York is committed to providing exceptional services for students, faculty, and staff

The SSRP is a transformational program that will impact nearly every aspect of a student’s experience and touch all faculties and divisions at York University, making it easier for:

  • students to apply, enrol, take courses, obtain degrees, diplomas, and certificates​.
  • faculty to plan and administer courses and curricula​.
  • students, faculty, and staff to secure access to necessary information .
  • the community to share pride in York's delivery of a high-quality student experience.

The SSRP is user-focused, and the team will work together with the York community to enable outstanding services that will result in high user satisfaction. We are all accountable for providing enhanced value to students, faculty, and staff, and delivering simple, efficient, and forward-looking services.

When completed, the SSRP will be the cornerstone of the University’s Enterprise Architecture, creating a unified state-of-the-art information technology backbone with interdependent links to core system and technology environments within the University.

SSRP will help achieve York's vision for Service Excellence

York’s vision for a culture of service excellence informs SSRP's approach and intended outcomes. This vision was co-developed by York’s senior administrative and academic leaders, and was approved by the University Executive Council in March 2020. SSRP is a critical enabler of creating a culture of service excellence at York – working with the York community to deliver new integrated business solutions and streamline technology platforms. 

These changes will enable the community to focus its time and effort on achieving the important priorities set out in Building a Better Future: York University Academic Plan 2020–2025. To support a culture of service excellence at York, enable the University Academic Plan (UAP), and to improve institutional administrative processes, two major transformation programs are underway: the SSRP and the Service Excellence Program (SEP).

SSRP Executive Sponsor

Carol McAulay

Finance and Administration

As Executive Sponsor of the Student System Renewal Program (SSRP), my personal commitment to York’s vision for service excellence is to deliver outstanding services that are highly valued by our students, faculty and staff; services that result in high levels of satisfaction. My role as Executive Sponsor is to provide program oversight and work collaboratively with the program team to produce optimal results for the University. 

The SSRP is a transformational program that will enhance the student experience and support student success through the implementation of secure technology systems. It will also incorporate improved business processes to support the needs of the entire York community. We invite and encourage all students, faculty and staff to stay informed and engaged, and to contribute to the success of the SSRP.

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