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Calendar of events

Teaching Critical Reading Skills Workshop for TAs

Having trouble getting your students to do the readings? Academic reading is central to academic success at university, so why is it so difficult to convince students to keep up […]

Trauma-informed Teaching Assistant Practice

Our role as Teaching Assistants can include providing support for students in the midst of loss, crisis or traumatic events. Because of our unique relationships with our students, they may […]

Using Active Learning Strategies in Your Teaching

Creating an active learning environment means utilizing appropriate strategies to engage students in how to think critically, creatively, work with a partner or in a group setting. Active learning helps […]

Learn How to "DO" a Teaching Dossier

The teaching dossier or teaching portfolio is a condensed reflection of your teaching philosophy and accomplishments. It essentially serves as a tool that will provide evidence of your teaching quality […]

Dealing with Classroom and Student Conflict

Conflict can happen both in and out of the classroom. As a TA, what have been your experiences? What are your concerns? How can you be proactive and minimize conflict […]