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Facilitating Dialogue and Challenging Conversations in the Classroom

This toolkit is offered as a starting point for faculty and TAs seeking strategies, resources or support to thoughtfully facilitate difficult conversations and moments in the classroom. Grounded in frameworks of accountability and transformative learning, the purpose of this guide is to support the art of critical dialogue as a fundamental skill for both learners and educators.

This guide is a living resource. It will evolve and expand, ideally through the engagement of our school community. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and resource requests and look forward to exploring new opportunities for collaborative learning.

A group of students engaging in conversation

Strategies to Facilitate Challenging Conversations

Explore actionable strategies to support accountable space and meaningful dialogue in the classroom and beyond


Access a curated suite of tools to facilitate classroom dialogue, including worksheets, guides, templates and activities

A group sitting in a classroom with the words "free trade and globalization" written on the whiteboard

Topic-Specific Resources

Explore accessible, contextualized resources to support thoughtful engagement with various high-stakes conversations.

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Recommended Literature

Take a deeper dive into innovative strategies and practices with hands-on guides, research and resources from the field

Resources for Students

Connect learners with responsive resources to support mental health, dialogue and connection

Networks and Support

Find university and external resources for peer support, consultations and guidance

A group around a desk listening to a speaker

Workshops and Opportunities for Collaborative Learning

Find opportunities for more in-depth and interactive learning through current Communities of Practice (CoPs), workshops, courses, and other avenues of professional development

Ready to have more critical dialogue, but not sure where to start? Contact the Teaching Commons
for a 1:1 consultation or group session for your department or team!