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Communication & Collaboration - Digital Signage


Digital Signage refers to the unified platform to display electronic content such as webpages, videos and text messages to public digital displays on campus.

Digital displays are installed at various public places along building hallways, building entrances, service desks, student residences and entrances of York managed apartments.

By default, digital displays will show standard community messages from the service functional lead.

Service Features*

    Community messaging, event promotion

    • Create webpage content with WordPress
    • Publish static or dynamic content to digital displays
    • Define content sequence and schedules
    • Display content from social platforms
    • Broadcast to a single or multiple displays based on location(s)
    • Manage device controls remotely
    • Monitor devices and automatically notify hardware issues

    Optional: Community Safety Department (CSD) Mass Notification

    • CSD mass notification to many displays, typically installed in primary entrances of all academic and administrative buildings on campus, student residences and York managed apartments

Standard community messaging


ALL Visible content and their respective Zones


Defined regions where Content is pushed out to

LOCKED (Cannot be edited) – Zone #0 - York U / Location / Date / Weather

UNLOCKED/DELEGATED (Fully Editable) – Zones 1 & 2

Who Can Use This Service*

Faculties and Departments

How to Request This Service*

Complete and submit service request form

Service Catalog Category*

Hours of Services*

24 x 7

Maintenance Window*

4th Thursday of the month, 6:00am – 8:00am

Service Contact Point (End-User) *


Service Contact Point (Internal) *

Workgroup Technology Services, UIT

Support Tiers (if applicable)* 

Full, Local, Basic: Standard business hours

Service Roles & Responsibilities*

Service Integrations and Inter-dependencies*

  • Service authentication: Active Directory LDAPS
  • CSD mass notification: AppArmor
  • Web service: WordPress

Support Details*

Supporting Services and Functions

Vendor support:

Hero Technologies

2375 Brimley Road, #757

Toronto ON M1S 3L6

Licensing Models and Availability

Associated Documents

  1. Service request form – Digital Signage