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Email Lists (ListServ)

Service Note: To login to Listserv enter your username/email address, password and then click on “Login without setting a cookie” button instead of "Login".

Service Note: If you have difficulty logging into Listserve with the Chrome browser, please try an alternate browser.

ListServs are electronic maiing lists to which members of the York community can subscribe for the purpose of exchanging ideas, information and broadcast bulletins. As an option, archives of messages sent to a list can be stored and made accessible on the Web.

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ListServ technical information

  • ListServs can be either "public" or "private". "Public" ListServs allow non-members to post information to ListServ, whereas "private" Listservs are restricted to the members who have subscribed to a particular ListServ.
  • The maximum size for an incoming or outgoing message must not exceed 10MB.
  • Some email attachments sent to ListServ may be stripped or renamed for security reasons.
  • By default ListServs are restricted to a maximum of 50 postings per day.