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IT Staff Passport York Reset Procedure

IT staff from Faculty IT teams can phone in, email, and ask the UIT phone agent to reset the password for them immediately using the following procedure:

  1. The Faculty IT staff can phone 416 736 5800 (must choose option for staff/faculty support)
  2. When the Faculty IT staff speaks to a UIT agent on the phone, they can immediately send an email to verifying the following – see example:
    1. I, Jacky Techman, from GL IT helpdesk have verified the YUcard and are vouching for the validity of Professor John Smith and they need to have their Passport York password reset
    2. Their employee ID number is 123456789
    3. Their alternate personal email address is
  3. State that need help with an immediate Passport York pw reset because the client is currently in front of you, and the email has just been sent to and should be arrive in a minute
  4. The UIT agent will find the ticket in the queue, and perform the pw reset to the default SIN based format and send it to the alternate email address (e.g. )
    1. If necessary, you can request the password be set manually and we will verbally advise of the temporary password by phone
  5. The UIT agent will document what happened on the ticket and resolve the ticket serving as an audit and paper trail.