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Class Lists (SIS)

The Class Lists service is part of SIS (Student Information System) allows Faculty members, course directors, departmental administrative assistants, and class instructors to view student enrolment lists for their courses.


  • Use of Class List application requires authentication by Passport York.
  • The instructor's authorization to view the class list is determined by the instructor's name attached to the class in the Course Offering System (COS), within the Student Information System (SIS) database.
  • The course director's authorization is determined by the name at the course level, in COS, within the SIS database.
  • Admin. Assistants are granted authorization by a table maintained by the Registrar's Office.
  • The Class List is only available for the previous, current, and subsequent academic years.


  • Class Lists are related to the Course Grades application, so that the same list of students will be available for adding grades at the end of a term.


  • Class List service is available 23 X 7, from 1:00 a.m. until midnight - except during maintenance outages. In the event of a scheduled downtime, notification is given typically 1 week in advance, except during emergency downtimes, when every effort will be made to notify the user community as early as possible.
  • Class Lists are available on the Internet, with connectivity to the York University Network.

How do I get it?

  • Course Instructors, Course Directors, or Admin Assistants for the Faculty or department can access Class Lists using their Passport York username and password.
  • The Class List service can be found at 

How do I get help?