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The Sysadmin's Page

This document contains information about the operation of servers in the central computer room.
System administrator's responsibilities

  • Operating System and application support on the server.
  • Wholly responsible for hosted systems hardware and software.
  • Maintenance of security on hosted system.
  • Keep UIT Network Operations updated on support contact information.

Code of Conduct

System owners have unlimited access to the server room.  It is expected that professional behavior towards equipment and staff in the room will be observed.

  • No person should do anything to affect the safe and reliable operation of any server in the room.
  • Do not plug servers or other equipment into any outlet without prior approval of the UIT Network Operations Project Supervisor as this could lead to overloads or power imbalances that could affect the reliable operation of servers.
  • Do not move systems or network cable around without permission.
  • Keep aisle ways clear of obstructions.
  • Do not take food or drinks into the room.
  • Ensure the room is locked at all times, ensure the deadbolt and security alarm are enabled after hours.
  • Do not allow others into the room unless you know who they are. Challenge anyone who looks suspicious in the room.


York Administrative and Academic staff and faculty groups
During business hours you can gain access via door card.
To gain access after hours requires:

  • An electronic swipe key.
  • A group security code for the alarm panel.
  • Contact the Security Control Centre at x58000 to unlock the deadbolt.

Security have keys for the computer room 040 Steacie. Staff authorized to enter room 040 have a personal access card (swipe card).
When staff request the Computer Room be unlocked, Security will unlock the Dead Bolt. But the Staff person must use their personal access card to gain entry to the room.  Security or staff can enter the code to disarm the intrusion alarm system.
For 3rd party support groups
Including affiliated system owners.  Access must be gained by escort from a member of the above group and activities should be supervised by the escort.  After hours the escort is responsible for lockup after the work is completed.

Console Crash Carts

There is an ASCII screen on a crash cart in the room for emergency hook up.
There are three KVM crash carts available in the room for emergency Keyboard Video Mouse hook up.
Use of crash carts for console connections is considered temporary. If it is left unattended it may be unhooked by someone else who needs it.


There is a workstation provided in the server room near the main entrance with basic network access tools.


York does not publish any guaranteed uptime statistics for the network or environment.  While we may meet 99.9% uptime, in practice there are scheduled activities on network equipment every week from 00:00 to 06:00 Sunday mornings that may interrupt service.  There may also be planned or unplanned outages on environmental features which can impact servers in the server room.