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Unified Print Management Instructions for Mac OS X

NOTE:The instructions below may differ slightly based on the version of OS X. Also, you may have to download the latest vendor supplied drivers for your printer prior to the steps below.
    1. Open the System Preference application.
    2. Screenshot of System Preference

    3. Click on”Printers & Scanners” (unlock the preferences pane if necessary)
    4. Screenshot of system preferences with Print and Scan selected

    5. Click “+” underneath the list of printers.
    6. Screenshot of print and scan dialog

    7. In the “Add” dialog that appears select the “Advanced” button.
    8. (Note: If the Advanced button does not appear you will need to customize the tool bar by control-clicking on the toolbar area and selecting “Customize Toolbar…” and dragging the “Advanced item up onto the toolbar. Select “Done” when completed.)
      Screenshot of Customize Toolbar selected
      Screenshot of advanced icon selected

    9. Click on the “Advanced” button and enter the Windows printer information.
        • Type: "Windows printer via spoolss"
        • Device: "Another Device"
        • URL: smb://<insert queue name here>
        • Name: enter a descriptive name here (we suggest using the queue name above)
        • Location: enter the building/room location for your reference
        • Use: Generally select "Select Printer Software...", locate the appropriate driver for the printer, and click "OK".
        • Click the “Add” button when all fields above are entered.

      Screenshot of advanced window

        • Configure the installed options if needed (duplex, installed memory, etc.) and click “OK”.

      Screenshot of printer details after clicking on add

    10. The first time you print you will be prompted to authenticate with your FAS userid and password. If you encounter a login issue you may need to specify the domain ( along with your FAS userid as seen in the dialog box below. You may save your credentials in your keychain by checking the “Remember this password in my keychain” box within the login dialog."
    11. Screenshot of window requiring username and password
      How to change your password
      If you change your Passport York password you will also need to update your saved password on your Mac in order to be able to print.  If you don't do this you will get a "Hold for Authentication" error.
      To update your password do a spotlight search for "Keychain Access" and open Keychain Access.
      In Keychain Access, under "Category" open "Passwords"
      Find the name of the printer you have set up and double click on it to open the printer properties.
      Ensure the "Attributes" tab is open then click on the "Show password" check box. You will be required to enter your mac keychain password.
      Replace your old password with your current password in the "Show password" field and then click on "Save Changes"
      You will now be able to print using your new password.