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Curriculum Renewal & Innovation

Are you looking to make changes to your curriculum?

Curriculum Renewal is the process and product of reviewing and assessing current curricula to see where and how it can be developed and evolved for present and future students. You can innovate during this process by bringing in new and unique elements into the explict structure of students' learning throughout the program. Bringing in "High Impact Practices," or HIPs, is a way to renew your curriculum in innovative and student-centric ways.

Because curriculum structures students' experience and progress through your program, it is important to keep an eye on your curriculum to ensure it stays fresh, relevant, and aligned to the goals of your program is integral for program health and growth.

Whether you are looking to simply renew your curriculum or to innovate the way your curriculum organizes your program, being purposeful and thoughtful about curriculum changes is a key first step.

What might curriculum renewal and innovation look like?

See below for helpful readings and resources to support curricular renewal and innovation.

This may look like the addition of content related to:

This may include developing a program to explicitly develop skills such as:

This may include adding elements into a program such as:

This may look like reorganizing your program so that:

Interested in renewing or innovating your curriculum?

Explore our resources or contact our Program and Curriculum Development Specialist for support.