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York University has a range of centralized and Faculty-centric resources and supports related to both program and course-level curriculum development.

The Teaching Commons and your supports within your Faculty can support curriculum work and answer curriculum-related questions.

The Office of the Vice Provost Academic at York University also has its very own Program and Curriculum Development Specialist who can support a range of activities related to program curricular development that has been featured on this website.

With a focus on student-centric education, Dr. Samantha Cutrara in the Office of the Vice Provost Academic can support:

  • Program visioning and goal setting
  • Curriculum analysis
  • Developing Program Learning Outcomes
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Reviewing and supporting Cyclical Program Review self study, Notice of Intention (NOI) submissions, and proposals related to New Programs, Major Modifications, and Minor Modification
  • Strategizing innovative program curriculum, including curriculum focused on decolonization, equity, inclusion, sustainability, and access

Contact her here:

Dr. Samantha Cutrara

Other Useful Contacts

Office of the Vice Provost Academic

Browse this site or contact us for overall curriculum renewal and innovation support related to programs.

York Quality Assurance Procedures (YUQAP)

An important resource for the development of new programs, major modifications, and cyclical program reviews.

Office of Institutional Planning & Analysis (OIPA)

Providing both data and support regarding market research and enrolment planning.