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Curriculum Renewal & Innovation

Curriculum innovation is process and product of bringing in new or different elements into students’ learning.

Curriculum Renewal is the process and product of reviewing and assessing current curricula to see where and how it can be further developed and evolved for the next cohort of students.

Often, curriculum renewal comes as part of the Cyclical Program Review.

The Office of the Vice Provost Academic has in-house support for curricular renewal and innovation.

With a focus on student-centric education, Dr. Samantha Cutrara is the Program and Curriculum Development Specialist in the Office of the Vice-Provost. Samantha can support activities involved with curriculum renewal and innovation.

Curriculum Renewal & Innovation

Visit the Curriculum Renewal & Innovation pages for information, resources, and support.

samantha cutrara
Samantha Cutrara, Program and Curriculum Development Specialist