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The SDGs-in-the-Classroom Toolkit helps instructors infuse the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their classrooms.

The toolkit will provide instructors with academic information, practical materials, and examples along with tools and resources to assist them with infusing the SDGs into their classrooms. 

The toolkit will be a living resource, continuing to provide developed and curated resources and materials along with collaborative opportunities to support instructors. The toolkit aims to serve everyone with inspiring and innovative ways to infuse the SDGs into their unique teaching and learning environments. 

Faculty/instructors can consider the toolkit like a menu to choose from. Each discipline is unique, and the approaches chosen to align with the SDGs will also be unique. Some faculty members and instructors are rookies and others are experienced with the goals; therefore, this toolkit aims to serve everyone with inspiring and innovative ways to infuse the SDGS into their unique teaching and learning environments. You can start with the section most relevant to you.

What Is In The Toolkit?

There are different sections in the toolkit that comprise a variety of resources that will help faculty/instructors to infuse SDGs into their classrooms. The faculty/instructors can choose resources ranging from general documents and reports on SDGs to discipline-specific materials such as case studies, lesson plans, videos, and activities.

Resources specific to teaching and learning about each goal can also be found in this toolkit. A brief description of the sections is below:

About the SDGs

Get an introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Teaching Approaches

Find a curated list of teaching approaches with example classroom activities that may assist you in framing how you infuse the SDGs into your lessons.


Find helpful resources for creating your own SDG-related teaching materials. The resources in this section include effective practices, checklists, sample course and syllabi design, and videos.

image of a lecture hall with students and teacher


See different strategies that can be used in the classroom to infuse the SDGs.

Teaching the 17 SDGs

Find resources specific to each of the 17 SDGs. You can find lesson plans, case studies, videos, blogs, and websites specific to teaching a particular SDG.

Discipline-specific Materials

See various discipline-specific resources, including lesson plans, case studies, reports, and classroom support materials.

SDG Resources for the Classroom

See other resources related to SDGs, including case studies, lesson plans, a list of local and global organizations, podcasts, SDG guides and websites.


View insights on research related to teaching and learning SDGs. There are research articles, books, and reports.

The SDGs-in-the-Classroom Community of Practice

Find out more about what constitutes a community of practice (COP), the role of an SDG-in-the Classroom COP at York and how to get involved with it. 

Collaborate with Instructors

See a list of instructors who are interested in collaborating on various activities or projects related to the SDGs.

Curricular Champions

View videos of instructor Curricular Champions who have infused the SDGs in their courses through different approaches.

Events and Announcements

View a calendar of local and international SDG events such as conferences, symposiums and webinars. Read the latest campus-wide SDG-related stories.