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Design your own SDGs classroom material

If you are interested in creating your own materials or refreshing old lessons, please peruse the Ed Tech tools and resources below that can assist you with infusing the SDGs in the design of your class and lessons.

SDG Style Guidelines

  • Read the SDGs Style Guidelines and please consult for permissions when using the logo, colour wheel and the 17 icons.  
  • Visit the United Nations The SDGs in Your Language which includes information, resources, websites and materials in a variety of languages. 

Course Design: Questions to Consider

  • Which Sustainable Development Goals SDG(s) does your course address? 
  • Are there other SDGs that you and your students want to address? 
  • What changes need to be made and how will they be made?
  • Could you identify one or two specific goals and targets (indicators) your course helps work towards? 
  • How might you convey goals and targets to your students?  
  • What kind of alignment across your curriculum would they see? 
  • How would that help their learning?  
  • Which SDGs are most pertinent to your course? 
  • How can you develop learning outcomes that will help students work towards the goal(s)? 
  • How can you adapt methods of instruction for student engagement in sustainable development? 
  • Visit the University of Waterloo for a comprehensive set of questions to consider when course designing. 

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Collaboration Tools 

Collaborative Ed Tech Tools that instructors can use and share with students, which they can also use with peers. 

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Discussion Tools 

Discussion Ed Tech Tools that instructors can use to plan and deliver, and share with students. 

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Production Tools

Production Ed Tech Tools that instructors can use to plan, deliver, and share with students. 

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Best Practices

Practices instructors can consider when designing course and class content.

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Course Checklists, Mapping Tools and Syllabi

Design checklists and mapping tools for courses and classes along with example syllabi and outlines for instructors to peruse.

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Lesson Planning Resources for All Disciplines

Resources, helpful tools and videos to help instructors with planning.

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Assessment types, tools, templates and examples for instructors to consider for their classrooms.