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Best Practices

 Here are some practices instructors can consider when designing course and class content: 

  • Read the 6 Learning Types: Integrating the SDGs, a design prompt to help you consider how to design learning to integrate the SDGs.  
  • 30 Self Nudges for the SDGs is an SDG i-Level Project that launched the Self-Nudging Online Toolkit for University Staff on SDGs. Self-Nudges help remind university teachers and staff of the relevance of their work to the SDGs, prompting them to think about sustainable development, apply this mental framework to their work and as a result create more contributions to SDGs while feeling better about what they do. A continuous and reinforced engagement with the SDGs will create a mindset conducive to forging new individual contributions to sustainable development and the SDGs.
  • Read 'A Blueprint for SDG Integration from The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) into Curriculum, Research and Partnerships. It is an initiative under the United Nations Global Compact.  
  • This guide was created by Ron Johnson of UNESCO. It assists with embedding education for sustainable development into university courses by linking to learning outcomes of the core subject being taught. It is titled 'Achieving SDG 4.7 by matching sustainability learning outcomes to subject-specific curricula'.  
  • Read the SDG Guide for 'Getting Started with the Sustainable Development Goals'. This guide is divided into chapters such as Getting to Know the SDGs, Preparing for Implementation to Tools for designing.'  
  • Read the guide From Art to Zoo Management: Embedding Sustainability in UK Higher and Further Education. It has numerous case studies that showcase contextual effective practices to embed sustainability into curriculum.