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Discussion Tools

Discussion Ed Tech Tools that instructors can use to plan and deliver, and share with students. 

Allsides for Schools 

The site offers a variety of classroom activities to help students hone their media literacy, critical thinking, and relational skills. Lesson plans for instructors are also available. 

Common Sense Education 

You will find resources and lesson plans for instructors and students that focus on digital citizenship. 

Google Arts & Culture 

A non-profit initiative that works with cultural institutions and artists around the world. Their mission is to preserve and bring the world’s art and culture online so it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. 


The tool allows instructors to create interactive presentations, Q&/A’s, word clouds and gather feedback it has a PowerPoint plugin and you can visit Mentimeter for help or watch how to get started

Jargon Buster tool 

This tool contains a list of commonly used sustainable jargon for students and instructors.  


This tool is for instructors who are interested in using gamification to support learning. It enables students to review and prepare for tests and exams by playing games and instructors and students can create questions and practice in multiple languages, for free.  

The Sulitest 

This is a Sustainability Literacy Tool created to help higher education around the world ensure that graduates, employees, stakeholders and managers can demonstrate core knowledge of 21st century global challenges. Watch how schools can use the Sulitest

The UN CC: Learn

This tool allows you to test your climate change IQ; get recommendations on how to improve your knowledge and skills; and build confidence to become a climate champion.