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The International Development Studies is an interdisciplinary program that offers students a challenging undergraduate degree with promising career opportunities in the broad area of international development. The program draws together the considerable resources in this field at York University, which has a remarkably large number of scholars who study and teach various aspects of international development, thus contributing to the revitalization of the field. They are providing a richly textured, intellectually rigorous, and highly relevant curriculum that not only deals with the theories of development, but also explores ways in which different development organizations attempt to reach the poor and the needy. Through their collaboration, they are currently engaged in creating a more cohesive community of intellectual interest both within and outside of York University.

Students will emerge from the program with a through grounding in the history, debates, dimensions, institutional approaches, and critiques of the field. Given the program’s emphasis on building a bridge between academic discourse and development practice, the students are expected to be able to evaluate the documents of the international donor community, including the World Bank, analyze the institutional language of development professionals, and know how to put together and implement a development research and/or delivery proposal.

The IDS graduates are expected to be attractive candidates for employment in the field of international development with a critical and scholarly foundation to their professional skills. The program also gives students an excellent grounding for pursuing graduate degree options in one of the numerous graduate programs in relevant fields in Canada and elsewhere.

Employment prospects for IDS graduates include non-governmental organizations, research institutes, international development organizations, labour unions, and various civil society groups that deal with various developmental challenges and issues facing the world today.





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Social Science and Communications Studies Students win awards

(Source: YFile - December 11, 2014)


Aashish Oberoi received the International Development Studies Honours Award from

the Program Coordiator, Professor Ricardo Grinspun.