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The new and current website of the Graduate Program in Translation Studies is:
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elcome to York University’s MA program in translation, the only graduate program in Toronto and southern Ontario dedicated to the advanced study of translation. The program is located on the quiet Glendon campus , close to the centre of Toronto. If you want to increase your specialization translation, or if you want to pursue advanced studies in the growing academic field of translation studies, this program will interest you. This is a unique program, originally founded on the Canadian experience of official bilingualism, continuing on in this spirit and expanding to address multicultural and multicultural diversity.

Translation, you will see as you become more familiar with this site and with the images that enliven it, is a social and cultural practice as much as it is a textual, linguistic and inter-semiotic operation of mutual transfer. It has helped the societies of the world become better acquainted with one another, at times across vast distances. Most knowledge circulating throughout the world today, whether at the individual or institutional level, would simply not exist without translations. It is therefore of crucial importance to reflect on the variety of ways in which this circulation of knowledge takes place, and on the obstacles as well as facilitators of that circulation, whether the relevant constraints are linguistic, textual, intermodal, social or cultural. This is exactly what we do and what we train our students to do research in within the program. Whether you are thinking of joining us, or you are just curious to learn more about translation, we hope you’ll enjoy the visit!