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Graduate Wellness & Counselling

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Wellness Consultation & Counselling Services

Wellness consultations are short meetings that provide a starting point for students seeking to enhance their personal mental health or well-being. 

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Resource Hub

 A collection of resources to navigate mental health services on and off-campus.

Wellness Webinars & Workshops

Wellness webinars on a variety of mental health and wellness topics can be arranged and tailored for your graduate student association, group, club, or program. 

FGS Certificate in Personal Wellness and Learning Skills

FGS is partnering with Learning Skills Services to offer a certificate in personal wellness and learning skills. 

Meet for a Meal

The initiative matches new grad students with experienced grad students to connect over a meal and discuss navigating life as a graduate student. 

Graduate Student Wellness Initiative Fund

The Fund subsidizes the development or implementation of initiatives related to health promotion and well–being. 

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Wellness Challenge

This challenge is meant to find out what supports your wellness in the hopes it will remind you to do more of what is working and to seek new strategies and supports.

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Student Counselling, Health & Well-being

Supports for students to maximally benefit from their university experience and manage the challenges of university life.

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Get Urgent Help

A few steps to consider in case of crisis and/or need for urgent assistance.