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The future begins now...

The university is a space for critical thinking, innovation and discoveries. It is also a place where emerging leaders are formed, the change agents who will make an impact in academia, public and business sectors and in our communities.

Knowledge Now: Grad Research @ York showcases our graduate scholars undertaking cutting-edge, and socially engaged research. From video-recorded interviews, and live panel discussions on pressing social issues to stories highlighting our grad students, Knowledge Now presents a collection of new ideas and technologies in development and possibilities for a better future!

Discover Grad Research @ York

Watch our three-minute videos to get a glimpse of some of the exciting research taking place at York. Our graduate students talk about their journey, research, impact and future plans. From Indigenous knowledge, immersive 3D technology, and human rights to environmental sustainability, our students address some of the most pressing issues in our society and explain how their research contributes to a better understanding and creative solutions.

Grad Scholar: Rupsha Mutsuddi


Grad Scholar: Shyam Patel


Grad Scholar: Jennifer Hodder


Grad Scholar: Ali Gholami

Mechanical Engineering

Grad Scholar: CeAnn Marks


Grad Scholar: Lance Morrison

Interdisciplinary Studies

Grad Scholar: Nitima Bhatia


Grad Scholar: Iana Shatilova

Disaster & Emergency Management

Grad Scholar: Christina Andaya


Grad Scholar: Terry Jones


Grad Scholar: Biftu Yousuf


The Vault

Grad Scholar: Kashmala Qasim


Grad Scholar: Isaac Weldon

Political Science

Grad Scholar: Zahra Nader

Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies

Grad Scholar: Jonathan McSpadden


Grad Scholar: Munjeera Jefford

Social & Political Thought

Grad Scholar: Michael Marlatt

Communication & Culture

Grad Scholar: Sarah Redikopp

Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies

Grad Scholar: Charlotte Lombardo

Environment & Urban Change

Grad Scholar: Marie Prisca Alima Ondoa

Études francophones

Grad Scholar: Ramesh V Perumal


Grad Scholar: Shiva Akhtarian

Mechanical Engineering

Grad Scholar: Natalie Richer

Socio-Legal Studies

Grad Scholar: Balikisu Osman

Environmental Studies

Grad Scholar: Joshua Shaw


Grad Scholar: Michaela Pnacekova

Cinema & Media Studies

Grad Scholar: Laura Keane

Mathematics & Statistics

Grad Scholar: Paula Tablon Modica

Public Policy, Administration & Law

Grad Scholar: Jordan Bentley


Grad Scholar: Iuliia Kotseruba

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Grad Scholar: Noah Khan


Grad Scholar: Kathleen Cherrington

Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies

Grad Scholar: Fiona Patterson

Études francophones

Grad Scholar: Rajat Nayyar

Theatre & Performance Studies

Grad Scholar: Linn Biorklund Belliveau


Grad Scholar: Khushbu Patel


Grad Scholar: Aaron Tucker

Cinema & Media Studies

Grad Scholar: Jordan Santorsola

Civil Engineering

Grad Scholar: Hana Ahmed

Social Anthropology

Grad Scholar: Amanda Liczner


Grad Scholar: Brittany Tomin


Grad Scholar: Susan Chiblow

Environmental Studies

Grad Scholar: Camellia Bryan


Grad Scholar: Inbar Peled


Grad Scholar: Dana Vuckovic

Études françaises

Live Panels: From Knowledge to Action

Join us for our panel discussions which will bring together scholars tackling a common theme from multi-disciplinary perspectives. For the month of March, we have organized two live discussions; one focusing on the environment and the other social inequalities. Current students will share ideas and perspectives about how graduate research at York can respond to the societal need and the potential of engagement across disciplinary boundaries in generating critical innovative knowledge.

Climate Action: the Roles of Research
Climate change is the greatest threat to life on our planet. This round table brings together three emerging researchers from a range of disciplines to discuss what it means to research the ways humans are transforming the planet now. Join us as we explore the difficulties we face along with some of the possible avenues for establishing a sustainable future.

Reducing Inequalities: An Urgent Call for Action 
To advance social justice, graduate students at York University are discovering new approaches to dismantling the ideologies which promote progress through disadvantage and the systemic (re)production of inequality. This panel, comprised of an educator, actor and disability advocate, will highlight some of the most pressing issues facing our society, while exploring how our researchers are taking action.

Explore Our Archives

Check out our news features which share research work and accomplishments of graduate faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and students.