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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) at York University!

Graduate school is a transformative experience. Whether your passion lies in cutting-edge research, artistic creation, professional development, or social endeavour, there is a place for you in our graduate community.

Graduate study and postdoctoral research at York have distinct characteristics that are hard to miss. We are a global microcosm, with over 6,000 graduate students representing some 110 countries. We conduct leading-edge research, producing and communicating new knowledge aimed at social justice, equity, and a better, more sustainable future. As an institution, we are invested in connecting communities – whether internally, across graduate programs, or externally, with our local, national, and global partnerships. Our research centres and institutes draw top scholars from across Canada and around the world, facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration above and beyond our already rich array of programs.

In fact, collaboration describes best the ethos of teaching and learning at York, whether in the lab, seminar, or studio. At York, students support each other, even when challenging one another’s ideas. Professors care about what they teach – and also how they teach, and to whom. The fierce energy of our research culture shapes dynamic learning environments, found around campus, online, and around the world. We balance rigour with flexibility, and we recognize that graduate school is the next step on a journey you have already begun. At York we take a holistic approach to student support, promoting your academic and research excellence, professional development, and wellbeing.

For proof of this approach – look no further than our graduates, who have gone on to explore diverse and exhilarating careers, including the head of the Canadian Space Agency, the leader of Canada’s Official Opposition, the host of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet, the President of Toronto Metropolitan University, the chief planner for the City of Toronto, the CEO of Cineplex, and leading researchers and teachers in every major field.

With one of the largest and finest cohorts of graduate students in the country, York’s Faculty of Graduate Studies provides the supports necessary for a first-rate student experience. Come and join us; we can’t wait to support you on your journey.

Alice MacLachlan,

Vice-Provost and Dean,
Faculty of Graduate Studies

Photo of Alice MacLachlan

Alice MacLachlan