Temporary changes to Course Drop, Requirement for Medical Documentation and Pass/Fail Policies

Temporary changes to Course Drop, Requirement for Medical Documentation and Pass/Fail Policies

Due to the disruption of your academic activities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Senate Executive Committee has announced several provisions for course completion and academic support. You can read the announcement here.

I would like to draw your attention to the following academic considerations that have been made.

Course Drops  

The course drop date has been extended to May 9, 2020 (excluding students in the JD program). If you wish to drop a course that was in session at the time that the COVID-19 pandemic began, please log in to the Registration and Enrolment Module to do so.

If you withdrew from a Fall/Winter 2019-2020 full-year course or a Winter 2020 term course using the Withdrawn from Course option (“W”), the “W” notation on that course will be removed from your transcript.

Dropping a course may impact your OSAP funding. We encourage you to review the eligibility requirements for OSAP.

If you applied to graduate, please be advised that dropping a course may impact your ability to graduate.

Medical Documentation (Doctor’s Note) Waiver  

Students are not required to submit a doctor’s note or an Attending Physician’s Statement in support of requests for deferred standing or petitions for courses.

If you haven’t already done so, you are strongly encouraged to connect with your course instructor(s) first to make other arrangements to complete outstanding work, as a deferred standing and/or petition may not be necessary.

If you applied to graduate, your eligibility to graduate will be assessed once your coursework is complete.

Pass/Fail Grading Option 

The deadline to choose the pass/fail grading option is extended to May 9, 2020.  Choosing a pass/fail option may impact program progression and your scholarship & award eligibility. We ask for your patience as we finalize the details; we'll communicate again with additional information about this option. You can delay your final choice until May 9 and we strongly encourage you to speak to your Faculty advising office before making a final decision.

The University is committed to your academic success and doing everything we can to help you complete your degree.

Be well,

Darran A. Fernandez
University Registrar
York University

This message was edited on April 6, 2020