Information on Disclosing COVID-19 Symptoms

Information on Disclosing COVID-19 Symptoms

We are emailing you today to provide you with specific information about the steps you should take if you are experiencing or wish to report COVID-19 symptoms.

We want to make sure that you understand that reporting symptoms is voluntary and the steps we will take to protect your privacy. The process is different for students living in residence to minimize risk and ensure the safety of the whole residence community. See Students in Residence below.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms:

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are generally feeling ill, you should contact Toronto Public Health (TPH), Ontario Telehealth [TOLL FREE 1-866-797-0000], or your health care provider, to receive medical support based on your individual symptoms. More information about COVID-19 symptoms is available from Toronto Public Health.

Voluntary Disclosure
Any disclosure you make to your Faculty administrative staff or instructor is completely voluntary. Should you choose to disclose your COVID-19 status, the person to whom you make the disclosure will:

  • Advise you to stay in your residence or stay at home.
  • Direct you to contact Toronto Public Health directly. TPH will provide you with instructions for self-isolation, self-monitoring or other actions to be taken if required.
  • Provide you with appropriate course consideration information and health and wellness resources.

Remember that Senate Executive has agreed to waive until further notice the requirement for students to submit a doctors’ note or Attending Physician’s Statement in support of a request for academic considerations, deferred standing or petitions. The Executive Committee’s decision is posted here.

Privacy and Confidentiality 
Due to the sensitivity of information surrounding disclosures, we will not share any information you provide. If Toronto Public Health feels it is necessary, they will contact York University’s designated TPH liaison ONLY to provide directions.

Students in Residence
Some students (international students unable to return home or those with extenuating circumstances) have remained in residence and require a different level of care.

The Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR) is the point of contact for any student in residence regarding COVID-19. It is important to note that, if you live in residence and have travelled outside Ontario or feel ill with symptoms similar to COVID-19 symptoms, you need to self-isolate and contact immediately.

In addition to directing you to contact Toronto Public Health directly, OSCR, in association with York’s Toronto Public Health Liaison will:

  • contact you to determine that self-isolation is occurring and risk to other students or staff living in residence is minimized; and
  • provide support as required.

Learn more about COVID-19 related costs for international students.

We know that these are unprecedented and unsettling times. Please check your email and the Student Updates page regularly for the most current COVID-19 information.

Do your part. Stay apart.

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice Provost Students