Students in the Residence - ACTION REQUIRED: please review your new washroom assignment

Students in the Residence - ACTION REQUIRED: please review your new washroom assignment

In order to increase physical (social) distancing in communal-style campus residences (e.g. with shared washrooms), we have assigned washrooms to each student in residence to ensure an accurate determination of students to washroom users. We’ve done this on the advice and guidance of Toronto Public Health.

From today forward, your washroom will be: [Personalized Information]
Toilet: [Personalized Information]
Sink: [Personalized Information]
Shower/Bath: [Personalized Information]

Signs and/or labels will be posted over the course of the weekend. Look for your room number on the washroom door, the shower stall, above the sink and above the toilet. Please do not use any of the other facilities in the washroom – they have been assigned to other students.

We’d like to remind you to practice physical distancing at all times. Keep 2 metres apart from others. To be clear, if someone is already in the space, wait your turn.Further, if you live in residence and have travelled outside Ontario and/or feel ill with symptoms similar to COVID-19 symptoms, you need to self-isolate and contact immediately.

What does self-isolation mean?

  • Immediately avoid all contact with others.
  • Do not leave your residence room unless you are seeking medical care.
  • Do not sit in the common areas in the residence.
  • Use the bathroom in the suite only or the washroom to which you’ve been assigned in residence.
  • If you must be in contact with others (when you visit a hospital or test centre), keep 2 metres between yourself and any other person.
  • Avoid contact with pets.

We know this is a stressful time for all of you. There are resources available to help:

Do your part. Stay apart.

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