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CIFAL York Students Hub

CIFAL-York Students Hub is a network of students who will be engaged in CIFAL York activities including training, capacity building, and knowledge sharing, to effectively deliver the core mandates of CIFAL York in all five core focus areas of CIFAL York. This network will be coordinated through the CIFAL York SH Committee as outlined in its terms of references.

CIFAL York Students Hub Committee


The CIFAL-York Students Hub Committee is a student coordinating body. It provides an opportunity for students to be involved, benefit from, and provide input, and support towards various types of executive and leadership trainings and knowledge sharing activities in CIFAL York focus areas. The CIFAL-York Students Committee will also ensure that the goals and objectives for the overall performance of the CIFAL-York Students Hub are met, monitored, and reported regularly.


  • Develop and implement plans for CIFAL-York student hub for each academic year.
  • Build capacities of the Hub by organizing regular meetings.
  • Promote and support training programs on campus in collaboration with the CIFAL-York students members.
  • Oversee and ensure that the student hub undertakes its mandate as set out.
  • Engage or liaise with partner Departments/Branches for input and advice.


The CIFAL-York Students Hub Committee is comprised of student representatives from York University with interest to support the CIFAL-York to better achieve its goals. The CIFAL-York Students Hub Committee is chaired by a student lead from York University and comprises of other student executives either elected or appointed.

Become a member

To join CIFAL York Students Hub please send an email to: