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Seminar – Resourcing Resilience: Nurturing Infrastructures of Care in an Age of Interlocking Crises

Interest in resilience and vulnerability has grown remarkably over the last decade, yet discussions about the two continue to be fragmented and increasingly ill-equipped to respond to the complex intersectional and intergenerational demands that systemic crises such as climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic place on people, places, and the planet. In this seminar, Research […]

Seminar – Canadian Military's Views and Approaches to Protection of Civilians: Need for a Protection-of-Civilians Policy for Canada?

While Canada led the development of protection of civilians more than 20 years ago at the United Nations—emerging at that time as a thought leader on this issue—it may have ceded this role through ad hoc engagement and lack of strategic clarity. Dahdaleh global health graduate scholar Sarah Khan will present the final findings of […]