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Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholarship Program

The Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholarship was created to attract exceptional incoming and continuing domestic and international graduate research students to the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research. These scholarships will support graduate research and related scholarly and creative activities in line with the three themes of the Institute (planetary health, global health and humanitarianism, and global health foresighting). The scholarship will be granted annually to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in global health research.

Based on the availability of funds and the excellence and needs of applicants, annual scholarships for individual students will range from $5,000 to $25,000 CAD. Scholarship recipients will:

  • be named “Dahdaleh Graduate Global Health Scholars” at the Dahdaleh Institute;
  • attend and participate in the Dahdaleh Institute’s weekly global health graduate seminars;
  • present their work once in the Fall and once in the Winter term as part of the Dahdaleh Institute Current Global Health Research at the Dahdaleh Institute Seminar Series;
  • receive occasional invitations to participate in workshops and special events at the Dahdaleh Institute; and
  • have access to the Dahdaleh Institute open workspace.

The scholarships will be granted to new or returning students based on research excellence or promise of excellence, and applications will be evaluated using the student’s past performance and potential in their graduate program.

The scholarships will be adjudicated by the Dahdaleh Global Health Research Scholarship Committee based on the following evaluation criteria: a) academic excellence; b) research potential; c) excellence of the research proposed; and d) existing and potential innovation, leadership, and initiative.

Please review the full scholarship program details below.

Completed applications with all attachments are submitted using the Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholarship Application Form here:

The portal has closed for 2024-2025 funding period.

Full Scholarship Program Details

Meet the graduate student scholars

Abraham Joseph

Graduate Student Scholar

Global Health Foresighting

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Alexandra Scott

Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholar, Global Health and Humanitarianism

Global Health & Humanitarianism

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