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Yuliya Chorna

Yuliya Chorna

Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholar, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Graduate Student Scholar

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Yuliya Chorna is a doctoral student in York's Graduate Program in social anthropology. Prof. Margaret MacDonald is a supervisor of Yuliya's PhD project.

Yuliya has an academic background in social work, with a Master of Social Work degree from Syracuse University. She has extensive work experience in the field of global health policy and practice, including senior leadership positions for not-for-profit NGOs focused on social equity and rights in the fields of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS.

Yuliya is a member of the Social Science and Health Innovations Network for Tuberculosis (SSHIFTB) at the Dahdaleh Institute since its inception in 2020. Yuliya’s research problematizes how TB is being addressed, on a global level, using critical methods and lenses of social anthropology. She is particularly interested in the anthropology of global health policymaking, funding and financing. Her research is supported by the dissertation committee members - Prof. Margaret MacDonald, Prof. Alexandra Widmer and Prof. Amrita Daftary.


Global Health & Humanitarianism




3rd Annual Global Health Graduate Scholars Symposium

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