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Dahdaleh Global Health Internship Program

Since 2018, the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research provides dynamic experiential education and training opportunities for students through our internship program. Global health interns work in a professional environment to support high-calibre research in the areas of Planetary Health, Global Health and Humanitarianism, and Global Health Foresighting. Most intern positions are directly involved in research projects. A limited number of opportunities exist to support research through communications, event planning and administration.


"The aspects of the internship program I find most rewarding and helpful are the interactions I have with other interns and members of the Dahdaleh Institute. I always appreciate hearing others’ thought processes, insightful comments, and questions. Specifically, moments like the Intern Symposium, my meetings with my supervisors and team, and the many seminars and events held at the Institute have been very insightful and enjoyable."

"I am working alongside everyone at the Dahdaleh Institute to make a positive global impact. I thoroughly enjoy the weekly Institute seminars, as they are a chance to meet new members. It is a very welcoming and inclusive community."

"I found working and being around all the PhDs and supervisors very helpful. Hearing and learning about their backgrounds and experiences was extremely valuable to me as someone who was unsure about what the next steps in my career looked like."

Position Types

Research at York (RAY) program

  • Current undergraduate student at York University, enrolled full/part-time in a program related to an available position
  • Meet eligibility requirements of York University
  • Positions are offered for Fall/Winter (September-April) and Summer (May-August) terms
  • Positions are paid
  • Typically up to 10 hours/week
  • Positions are posted on this page and announced in our newsletter, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Research Assistants

  • Current undergraduate or post-bachelors student with unique skillsets and experiences who come from a variety of research interests and academic backgrounds.
  • Positions are posted on our opportunities page and announced in our newsletter, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Practicum Placements

  • Student enrolled in any post-secondary institution
  • Students must be able to work on-site at York University
  • Arranged through the school, program ,or course director
  • Unpaid, typically for course credit
  • Typically up to 10 hours/week, or as set by practicum requirement
  • Positions are posted on our opportunities page and announced in our newsletter, on Twitter, and on Facebook.


Check out the most recent opportunities below.

Student Opportunity SU24 - Global Food Systems, Disease Prevention, and Surveillance Research Assistant

Global Health Foresighting

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Student Opportunity SU24 - Microfluidic Droplet Generation and Polymerization of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Biological Applications Research Assistant

Global Health & Humanitarianism

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