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Laura J. Rosa Pereira

Laura J. Rosa Pereira

Global Health: Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern


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Laura is pursuing her Honours BSc in Global Health at York University, specializing in policy, management and systems. Growing up as an immigrant, she developed a strong passion for the universal right to health, sparking her interest in the field of global health and related research. In her current role at the Wellness Impact Lab, she hopes to explore how climate-centered approaches can be applied to policy-making to foster sustainable and resilient communities. Under the supervision of Professor Harvey Skinner and Susan Harris, Laura assists with reviewing the literature on climate anxiety and existing interventions, as well as with creating promotional content for the activities of the Wellness Impact Lab.

She previously worked as community health ambassador for one of Toronto’s COVID-19 Vaccine Engagement Teams, and she remains committed to promoting health by advocating for equitable access to healthcare for all.


Global Health & Humanitarianism



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