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Our Work

Global Health in the 21st century is characterized by complexity, connectedness, turbulence, and adaptability. It is a constellation of economic, environmental, political, social, technological and demographic phenomena. The Dahdaleh Institute focuses these huge concerns through three themes and with a clear priority: the ethical application of transdisciplinary research.

Research Themes

Our work takes place under three research themes:

Planetary Health

A planetary health perspective views human health as a function of the interdependent relationship between human systems and the natural systems in which we live. Our research calls urgent attention to the health of human civilization, the state of the natural systems and ecological boundaries on which our health depends, and the relationships and dynamics between these interwoven processes.

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Global Health & Humanitarianism

We work to improve the clinical public health effectiveness of humanitarian response with scientific research, technological innovation, and critical perspectives that address the realities of contemporary humanitarian policy and practice.

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Global Health Foresighting

What is the global health we want? We ask this question in multiple ways and contexts, and we pursue innovative and transdisciplinary approaches to design more effective, just, and equitable solutions that address the health challenges of the global commons.

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Experiential Education

Education is a process of generating new insight, perspectives and knowledge through a relational process of teaching and learning. Experiential Education achieves this through the application of theory to a concrete experience.

Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research offers targeted Experiential Education programs for students, early-career practitioners and established professionals, as well as educational events for the broader global health community.


Transdisciplinary Research: emergence of new perspectives, insights and tools by working across academic disciplines and involving non-academic participants as equal partners.