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Global Health: Wellness Impact Lab (WIL)

Global Health: Wellness Impact Lab (WIL)


Last Updated on January 31, 2024

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The Dahdaleh Institute has a bold vision for achieving global health for all. A new lab has been created – the Wellness Impact Lab (WIL) – led by Dr. Harvey Skinner, PhD (Senior Fellow) and Susan Harris, MSW (Community Fellow). The aim is to promote integrated health and wellness practices for personal growth and collective action. A key focus is strengthening our personal capacities for skillfully turning toward climate distress as a basis for fostering resiliency and initiatives. Our passion is ‘healing ourselves, healing others, healing our world’.

American writer and ordained Zen priest Angel Kyodo Williams captures the essence of the WIL lab:

“Without inner change there can be no outer change.

Without collective change, no change matters.”

Global Health: Wellness Impact Lab Resources

2023-2024 Projects

Seminar Series: Climate Change and Mental Health: ‘Listening to the Canadian North’

Interbeing Wellness: 30 Minutes of Wellness Practices. Qi Gong and Mindfulness Meditation

We all encounter stress in our daily lives that at times can be difficult to manage. This is especially important as we navigate the many challenges of the polycrises we face today. We offer the following online practical sessions at no fee for fostering resilience and managing stress.

Details are given on the website including currently open registration for Winter 2024 programs. Also, check out the video recordings of over 200 previous sessions by clicking on the “Recordings” button. All are welcome to register, including students, staff, faculty, alumni at York University, and the broader community

  1. Qi Gong mind-body-energy practices
  2. Mindfulness Meditation insight, calming, and compassion practices
  3. Capacitar Self and Community Healing Practices

Digital Badge Certification is available upon completion of the Stress-Busting series.

Climate Distress to Action

Climate distress has been described as a new category of trauma that can trigger past trauma: e.g. personal, cultural, or inter-generational. Many people experience a ‘double bind’ not wanting to contribute to climate warming but finding it difficult to change. This project is examining the latest research on climate distress including strategies for removing barriers to action. You can find resources and information on events such as our seminar series and Climate Café on our project website.

Recap — Climate Distress and Healing Through Earth-Based Practices (April 18, 2023).

Climate Cafés

A Climate Café is an informal, open, respectful, private space to safely share emotional responses and reactions related to the climate and environmental emergency. It is NOT a therapy group but is a facilitated process taking place in a reflective, supportive group meeting. The group format can create a safe or brave place to process thoughts, feelings, and experiences rather than what we are doing about the climate crisis. Many participants feel they are alone, or their feelings are not supported by those close to them. Climate Cafés can build a sense of community and shared meaning.

Learn more about Climate Cafés

Global Mental Health Online, Open Access, Modularized 90 Minute Mini-Course

This interactive course discusses how mental health and mental illness are understood and acted upon  through three different worldviews: Eastern, Indigenous and Western. We are currently working to create a digital badge certification for those have completed this course. Please email Dr. Harvey Skinner for any questions or inquiries (

Connect with Harvey Skinner and Susan Harris on future projects.


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Shatabdy Zahid, Community Fellow, Wellness Impact Lab Active
Harvey Skinner, Senior Fellow, Faculty of Health Active
Susan Harris, Community Scholar, Meditation, Wellness, and Selfcare Active
Sara Ferwati, Community Fellow, Global Health Foresighting Active
Jennifer Corriero, Community Fellow, Global Health and Humanitarianism Active
Christy Costanian, Adjunct Faculty Fellow Active
Cameron Norman, Adjunct Faculty Fellow Active
Shreya Pandrala, Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Sher Khan, Global & Environmental Health Research Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Shamim Samadi, Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Laura J. Rosa Pereira, Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Anna De Jong, Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Amy Agur, Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern Active

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