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Recap — The Benefits of Qi Gong (Tai Chi) in Theory and Practice

Recap — The Benefits of Qi Gong (Tai Chi) in Theory and Practice


Published on February 28, 2023

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Efforts towards addressing the most pressing global health issues must not overshadow the importance of personal health and wellbeing. Recognizing this, the Dahdaleh Institute invited the YorkU community to participate in a special three-part Wellness and Self Care series for Wellness and Self Care led by Harvey Skinner and Susan Harris. The first session took place on February 15.

DI Senior Fellow Harvey Skinner began with a 30-minutes Qi Gong practice. Participants were encouraged to join the seminar in-person or virtually. After a series of mind-body exercises and breathing practices. With the participants noticeably energized, Prof. Skinner explained the metaphors underlying specific practices (e.g. Moon over the Lake or Swimming Dragon) illustrating the connections to nature.

Following the practices, there was an open discussion about Qi Gong: its benefits, relation with Tai Chi, and how Prof. Skinner was inspired to infused mindfulness and stress-relieving principles into the courses he taught at York University.

Watch the seminar presentation below:

The second instalment of the will take place on March 1, Susan Harris will engage participants in a “Mindfulness Meditation” seminar. Lastly, Prof. Skinner will return on March 15, to lead a practical workshop entitled “Developing Your Stress-Busting Action Plan.”

Please register here to attend the upcoming Wellness and Self Care seminars.

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