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Recap — Mindfulness Meditation at the Dahdaleh Institute

Recap — Mindfulness Meditation at the Dahdaleh Institute


Published on April 3, 2023

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On March 1, the Dahdaleh Institute welcomed Susan Harris to lead members of the community in a Mindfulness Meditation session, the second instalment to a three-part Wellness & Self-Care mini-series.

After a half-hour long guided meditation that encouraged participants to be present in the moment and reflect deeply, individuals were invited to engage in a candid Q&A session. Susan stated that although it is important to put mindfulness in its Buddhist context to derive the most benefit, a religious connection is not required to derive the significant mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of meditation.

Susan also explained that group practice sessions like this one can provide powerful motivation and learning that is not available in solo practice. However, individual practice allows for a daily routine that is key to integrating mindfulness skills.

For example, Susan distinguished skillful versus non-skillful responses, noting that mindfulness can increase the former. She described a skillful response as one that is non-harming, and following the intentions for how we want to be in the world. After all, as a participant said: “accepting” does not mean that all things are acceptable. 

The mindfulness session with Susan was an excellent beginning to a more mindful March.

Watch the seminar presentation below:


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