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Hot off the Press — Global Governance for Pandemic Prevention and the Wildlife Trade

Hot off the Press — Global Governance for Pandemic Prevention and the Wildlife Trade


Published on April 4, 2023

Dahdaleh associate director Mary E. Wiktorowicz, Dahdaleh graduate student scholar Raphael Aguiar, and their research team recently published an academic journal in The Lancet Planetary Health titled, "Global Governance for Pandemic Prevention and the Wildlife Trade."

The journal discusses potentials for pandemic prevention through zoonotic spillovers. While governance structures aim to respond to zoonotic spillovers with outbreak surveillance and containment, they advocate for a different approach, one which considers the current institutional landscape for pandemic prevention. This pandemic treaty should also include goals to preventing zoonotic spillovers by addressing risk understanding, risk assessment, risk reduction, and enabling funding.

They suggest that an institutional arrangement should be issued with a specific focus on health, food, trade, and biodiversity governance. Ultimately, encouraging institution building will prevent future pandemics.

Read the full journal here.

Gallo-Cajiao, E., Lieberman, S., Dolšak, N., Prakash, A., Labonté, R., Biggs, D., Franklin, C., Morrison T. H., Viens, A.M., Fuller, R. A., Raphael Aguiar, Fidelman, P., Watson, J. E. M., Aenishaenslin, C., Mary Wiktorowicz. (2023). Global governance for pandemic prevention and the wildlife trade. The Lancet Planetary Health, 7(4): e336-e345.


Global Health & Humanitarianism, Planetary Health



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Mary E. Wiktorowicz, Associate Director Active
Raphael Aguiar, Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholar, Global Health & Humanitarianism Alum

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