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Shamim Samadi

Shamim Samadi

Global Health: Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern


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Shamim Samadi is an undergraduate kinesiology and health science student at York University. She is passionate about global health research, primarily focusing on health policies that affect populations and universal approaches to health priorities. As a pre-dental student, Shamim integrates her passions into projects and events on behalf of Bright Future Dentists, a community she has co-founded that offers education, networking, and mentorship to pre-dental students in pursuit of their goals. As part of this organization, she creates networking events that unite pre-dental students, dentistry students, and practicing dentists to motivate and inspire the community. Shamim is passionate about encouraging pre-dental students to break boundaries in the community, working to educate members on oral disease prevention, and donating hygiene supplies to shelters by collaborating with dentists to amplify the reach of current oral health plans.

Shamim serves as an active volunteer for the Canadian Blood Services, working towards raising participation and awareness about diversity in the Canadian Stem Cell Registry. Moreover, she worked with CBS to encourage Iranian donors by collaborating with the Iranian Student Association at York University and hosting stem cell drives. She hopes to expand her learning opportunities related to global health with her current research on the relationship between hosting sports mega-events and the policing of populations through anti-trafficking policies and measures. She is grateful to contribute to the research conducted by the Global Health: Wellness Impact Lab, as she strongly believes that exploring the concept of health beyond the confines of disease prevention is crucial for promoting healthcare approaches that cater to an individual's physical, mental, and social well-being while fostering resilience.


Global Health & Humanitarianism



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