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Internship Program: Summer 2023 In Review

Internship Program: Summer 2023 In Review


Published on September 6, 2023

Internship program summer 2023 profiles

This summer, the Dahdaleh Institute has worked with wonderful students through our dynamic, experiential education Global Health Internship Program. The program offers students to contribute to exciting research projects by working on literature reviews, data synthesis, cataloguing, content development, stakeholder engagement, and much more. They supported research projects studying experiential-based simulation learning; effects of resource insecurity on health outcomes; mental and emotional health and wellness; post-pandemic public health reforms; and impact of human behaviour on AMR.

Congratulations, and thanks to all the interns for a job well done!

A slide that shows the internship program of summer 2023

The Dahdaleh Institute’s 5th Summer Global Health Intern Symposium, held on Wednesday, August 30, showcases the work of nine of these remarkable student interns who shared their experience working under the mentorship of Dahdaleh faculty and fellows. Interns delivered a five-minute presentation on the following topics:

  • Stephanie Hychar (13:10): Impact of Human Behaviour on Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Laura Logan (19:13): Experiences and Emotions of People With Chronic Pain
  • Kanako Isobe (25:06): Mental Health of Agricultural Workers in Costa Rica
  • Megan George (31:47): Contributions to the World Health Assembly Simulation and Investigating the Importance of Experiential Simulation-Based Learning
  • Gurher Sidhu (1:02:34): Expanding on Social Science and Health Innovation for Tuberculosis Research
  • Sepinoud Siavoshi (1:06:46): Post-Pandemic Public Health Reforms
  • Shamim Samadi (1:15:01): Global Health: Wellness Impact Lab
  • Mirianna Georges (1:24:19): Gendered Differences in the Relationship Between Housing Insecurity and Diarrheal Diseases in the Informal Settlements in Kenya
  • Richard Wu (1:32:20): The Effect of Housing and Energy Insecurity on Psychosocial Health Outcomes Amongst Those Living in Urban Informal Settlements in Ghana


Global Health & Humanitarianism, Global Health Foresighting, Planetary Health



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Megan Ann George, Research Coordinator, Global Health Research Active
Theresa Dinh, Institute Coordinator Active
Stephanie Hychar, AMR Human Impact, Global Health Intern Alum
Shamim Samadi, Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Richard Wu, Global & Environmental Health Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Mirianna Georges, Global and Environmental Health Lab, Global Health Intern [SU23] Alum
Kanako Isobe, Planetary Health, Global Health Intern Active

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