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Sher Khan

Sher Khan

Global and Environmental Health Research Lab and Wellness Impact Lab, Global Health Intern [WI23; SU23]


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Sher Khan is an undergraduate student specializing in global health policy, management, and systems. Her primary areas of interest and expertise include research, mentorship, and project management. She is passionate about improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations and reducing health disparities. Currently, Sher is a research assistant at the Global and Environmental Health Lab, where she works under the supervision of Professor Godfred Boateng. Her research involves exploring the intersection of housing insecurity and intimate violence in Ghana.

In addition, Sher serves as a program facilitator for the Global Health Mentorship Organization, where she designs and implements the Global Health Mentorship program. In her community, Sher is an active mentor with the North York Community House. Prior to her current positions, she worked as a clinical documentation specialist at Veristat and a care coordinator at Spectrum Healthcare. Throughout these experiences, she developed a deep understanding of the healthcare system and gained invaluable insight into how to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals.


Global Health & Humanitarianism



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