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Sara Ferwati

Sara Ferwati

Community Fellow, Global Health Foresighting

Community Scholar

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Sara Ferwati is a mental health epidemiologist, strategically positioned at the intersection of public health, climate action, and health system innovation in the Government of Nunavut, Canada. Tasked with the mission of addressing mental health issues, particularly mental illnesses and suicide, she shapes health indicators, builds comprehensive databases, and designs efficient surveillance tools. This work assists in better understanding and addressing mental health needs in the territory. This experience has exposed her to the stark realities of mental health challenges and the need for innovative solutions.

Sara's commitment to climate action resonates in her co-founding of Climatable, a non-profit focused on cultivating environmental consciousness. She orchestrated sustainability strategies and fostered community engagement, interlacing her deep-rooted passion for environmental preservation with her professional expertise in health.

Her interests are now converging on a dynamic multimedia installation project. In progress, this work is probing into the ongoing research on the mental health impacts of climate change on Syrian immigrants, merging her personal journey as a Syrian immigrant. This project, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, is continually being informed by her developing research findings, spotlighting the urgency of her work and embedding her personal narrative within the larger global context.

Sara is driven to explore climate adaptation strategies, focusing on managing climate-related anxiety and grief. Additionally, she is interested in developing healthcare systems prepared for the increased number of migrants and refugees impacted by climate change. With proficiency in Arabic, English, and French, Sara brings cultural versatility to her work. Her unique blend of public health commitment, environmental advocacy, and immersive narrative positions her well in the evolving field of health.

Research keywords:

Mental health; Climate change; Health system innovation


Global Health Foresighting




Bridging Worlds: Insights from Nunavut to Personal Reflections on Identity and Culture, with Sara Ferwati

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