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Internship Program: 2020-2021 Year In Review

Internship Program: 2020-2021 Year In Review


Published on April 30, 2021

internship program 2020-2021

Over the 2020-2021 academic year, the Dahdaleh Institute worked with exceptional students through our Internship Program, which is founded in an experiential education approach. Students completed program practicums with us, were hired through the Research at York program, or volunteered.

Congratulations and thank you to all the trainees for jobs well done!

2020/2021 Interns

Ryan Jeevanayagam
Ryan Gray
Shazia Khan
Sofiaa Rajasengaram
Sumaire Qureshi
Tiana Putric
Yeonjoo Lee

Learnings & Doings

Mentored by Faculty and Research Fellows, student interns learned firsthand about today’s priority global health challenges and how to address them through excellence in research. The internship program is coordinated by Theresa Dinh, who matched trainees with researchers and guided them throughout the experiential learning experience.

Hear from the Interns themselves. These presentations were made at the 2021 Dahdaleh Institute Intern Symposium on April 22 in which the Interns were able to share what they did and learned at the Dahdaleh Institute, and what they plan to do next. The event was attended by Dahdaleh Institute fellows, faculty members, research team and staff.

Click here to view the full event containing all of the presentations:

Time stamps and Title for presentations:

Ryan Jeevanayagam: "COVID Portal and State of Humanitarianism", 00:07:12
Yeonjoo Lee
: "Global Women's Health Networks: Enhancing Access to Maternal and Child Healthcare", 00:19:37
Ryan Gray: "The Regulatory Environment of Wildlife Trade", 00:24:05
Tiana Putric: "The Digital Global Health and Humanitarianism Lab", 00:30:02
Sumaire Qureshi:
"Digitalization In Agriculture", 00:59:23
Sofiaa Rajasengaram: "Implementing an Advocacy Narrative in Climate-Related Humanitarian Organizations", 01:12:38


Global Health & Humanitarianism, Global Health Foresighting, Planetary Health



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Ryan Gray, Research Associate, AMR-Environmental Stewardship Alum
Yeonjoo Lee, Global Health Intern [W21; S21; FW21-22] Alum
Tiana Putric, Research Assistant, Digital Global Health & Humanitarianism Lab [FW20-21; S21; FW21-22] Alum
Sumaire Qureshi, Practicum Student, Global Health [W21] Alum
Sofiaa Rajasegaram, Practicum Student, Global Health [W21] Alum
Shazia Khan, Research Assistant, Decolonizing Planetary Health [FW20-21] Alum
Ryan Austin Jeevanayagam, Research Assistant, Planetary Health [S20; FW20-21; S21; FW21-22] Alum

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