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Digital Global Health and Humanitarianism Lab

Digital Global Health and Humanitarianism Lab

Digital Global Health and Humanitarianism Lab

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This project aims to shed insight into the different ways digital technologies are used in disasters and emergencies. It examines the challenges and risks, as well as the benefits and opportunities, associated with digital technology use. We seek to provide strategies for guidance, and support efficacy-focused, ethical, low-risk interventions around the world. Our research adopts systems and complex networked perspectives, where we create understanding through interconnectivity. We engage experts and organizations, both academic and practitioner, across disciplines to evolve research at the intersection of systems to enhance context-driven understanding.


Global Health & Humanitarianism


Data Science, Governance


James Orbinski, Supporting Faculty
Jennie Phillips, Project Lead
Aaida Mamuji,
Rebecca Babcock, Research Coordinator
Ignacio G. Rebollo, Information Design
Petra Molnar, JD, LLM, Legal Subject Matter Expert
Aaida Mamuji, PhD, Primary Investigator
Tiana Putric, Research Assistant
Sarah Quayyum, LL.B,
Laksmiina Balasubramaniam, Research Assistant
Dyllan Goldstein, Research Assistant
Alisha Gauhar, Research Assistant



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