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Internship Program: 2022-2023 Year In Review

Internship Program: 2022-2023 Year In Review


Published on May 1, 2023

Intern Yearbook

Over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year, the Dahdaleh Institute worked with numerous exceptional students through an Internship Program. Our Global Health Interns benefited from the unique opportunity to participate in various of stages of a research project, and gained valuable experience and insight into the field of critical global health research.

Congratulations and thank you to all the interns for contributing to another successful year!

2022/2023 Interns

Intern Yearbook

Experiential Learning

Under the guidance and mentorship of faculty fellows and research fellows, interns learned about a wide range of pressing global health challenges and how to address them using effectiveness, equity, and excellence in research. The internship program is coordinated by Theresa Dinh, who matched trainees with researchers and guided them throughout the experiential learning journey.

This year, the following ten interns shared their experience in the internship program at the 2023 Dahdaleh Institute Intern Symposium on April 19.

  • Michelle Tieu (11:10): Global Health Design Seminar Series with Bruce Mau
  • Gurher Sidhu (18:25): Supporting the Institute and EcoSalud Project
  • Gabriel Fezza (23:05): Lessons from the Montreal Protocol for International Policymaking
  • Georgina Birago Odoom (29:13): House Insecurity Among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya
  • Urmi Sheth (57:11): The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Non-Communicable Disease Prevention Policy
  • Sundas Begum (1:00:22): Global Health Lending Library at the Dahdaleh Institute
  • Taylor Cargill (1:06:55): Coordination of COVID-19 Decisions Across Canadian Post-Secondary Schools
  • LaToya Hinds (1:13:50): Communications and Global Health at the Dahdaleh Institute
  • Yashini Ravindran (1:22:34): Global Health Sub-website System at the Dahdaleh Institute


Global Health & Humanitarianism, Global Health Foresighting, Planetary Health



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Theresa Dinh, Institute Coordinator Active
Yashini Ravindran, Global Health Research Communications and Website, Global Health Intern [FW22-23] Alum
Taylor Cargill, ACADIC/AI4PEP, Global Health Intern [FW22-23] Alum
Michelle Tieu, Global Health Dissemination and Design, Global Health Intern [FW22-23] Alum
LaToya Hinds, Research Communications and Publication, Global Health Intern [FW22-23] Alum
Gurher Sidhu, Social Science & Health Innovation for Tuberculosis, Global Health Intern Active
Georgina Birago Odoom Owusu, Global & Environmental Health Research Lab, Global Health Intern Active
Gabriel Fezza, Global Strategy Lab, Global Health Intern [SU22; FW22-23; SU23; FW23-24] Alum

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