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Gabriel Fezza

Gabriel Fezza

Global Strategy Lab, Global Health Intern


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Over the last seven months, Gabriel has had the incredible opportunity to support the research activities of the Global Strategy Lab in both the Antimicrobial Resistance Policy Acceleration and Global Legal Epidemiology Streams.

Under the supervision of Prof. Poirier and Dr. Rogers Van Katwyk, some of his responsibilities includes conducting literature searches on the use of medically important antibiotics for human medicine in the agri-food sector, and country-level use of access, watch, and reserve antibiotics. In addition, Gabriel has conducted literature searches and collaborated on manuscript development for a Commentary on the Lessons Learned from the Montreal Protocol for International Policymaking.

As a Research Assistant, he is grateful to all the amazing people at the Global Strategy Lab and the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, and for all that he has learned about global legal epidemiology and international policy on antimicrobial resistance.


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