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Michelle Tieu

Michelle Tieu

Global Health Dissemination and Design, Global Health Intern [FW22-23]


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Michelle Tieu (she/her) is a third-year bachelor of design student at York University. She is working with her supervisor, Shana Shubs, to design a Dahdaleh Institute publication highlighting the research and vision of the Institute. Michelle is passionate about global health and environmentalism. She is currently working as a volunteer media designer at Shake Up The Establishment, a non-profit organization working to raise awareness of environmental justice for youth across Canada. In Michelle’s personal design practice, she is specializing in web design, UX/UI design, and user research. She is also developing her formal studio art practice, working in linocut and lithography. In her free time, Michelle likes to crochet, longboard, and go to concerts of her favourite pop and indie rock singers!


Global Health Foresighting



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