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Cookie Banner Launching Dec. 4

Cookie Banner Launching Dec. 4

Please be advised that on Dec. 4th there will be a site-wide update to our York websites introducing a cookie banner. This cookie banner is required as part of the ongoing website compliance standards set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The ePrivacy Directive requires websites to collect an informed consent to cookies and other tracking technologies. This project was led by the Information and Privacy Office with C&PA and UIT assisting with the technological side (plugin selection) as well as the brand compliance (visual of the banner) to ensure it is aligned with our websites. You can learn more on the consent here:

And see an example here:

What does this mean for our website users?

  • A cookie banner will appear on York websites when a user first enters. If they go to pages between multi-site environments (2014 to 2020) a user may have to complete the consent twice (see below for screenshot how it looks – ignore the other website designs, it is a test environment)
  • If a user clears their cookies, they would have to re-confirm consent or decline via having the bowser stop the tracking

What does this mean for website editors?

  • We can add cookies on our landing pages now to improve our digital marketing efforts 
  • For those not on the 2014 or 2020 York multi-sites, but who have a York domain (+ York theme), please reach out to for code and instructions to add to your website so you can be aligned in this approach

As always if you have any questions please reach out to our web team at or join us for our weekly drop-in sessions for more hands-on support, taking place every Wed. at 1:30pm. Invite link can be found here: LINK

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