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X Logo, Website Clean-up, and Tagging

X Logo, Website Clean-up, and Tagging

These ongoing communications will provide the digital community news on the new module designs, templates, functionality, and opportunities available to enhance your websites and pages as well as general reminders. These updates will continue on an ad-hoc basis as we consistently enhance and evolve our digital properties. The below updates are now available for you to use, plan your websites and update designs.


  1. New X Logo - Social Bar & General Website:
    • Social Bar - As part of the re-brand from Twitter to X we have updated the Social Media bar to the new logo. If you have added it, it is now updated. If you add the old Twitter Logo in the future it will override to the new one.
    • General Website - you can use shortcodes to add it to your website where needed, here are the different versions you can use:
      • Adding the class="fa-[#]x" increases the size. Example:
  2. Website Clean-up:
    • Now that websites have been around for over 2.5 years we are starting to notice that out of date pages (that have been changed or revamped) on new optimized websites are being found in search engines, giving users inaccurate or outdated information. It is recommended that you bi-annually go through your website pages and if anything is out of date or no longer required to be public, please shift the pages to draft. Here is some instructions on how to do it:
      • Go to page > select edit > select switch to draft > save
      • Go to page list > quick edit > shift status to draft > update
    • Please aim to complete this website cleanup by Oct. 27th
  3. Tagging Websites:
    • As a reminder when any new pages are created on your website environment, as part of the required updates you need to add tags to that page. This ensures a more connected experience across our websites and assists in our SEO efforts.
    • Learn more about the tagging process here: Tagging and Taxonomy

As always if you have any questions please reach out to our web team at or join us for our weekly drop-in sessions for more hands-on support, taking place every Wed. at 1:30pm. Invite link can be found here: LINK

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