Tuition Credit Announcement: Update April 12, 2024

Tuition Credit Announcement: Update April 12, 2024

Please see the following information for clarification about the undergraduate bursary.

If you experience unforeseen costs during the revised period after the labour disruption ends (remediation period), you may be eligible to apply for an undergraduate bursary. This bursary can assist with non-tuition related expenses. Details and application deadlines will be shared on the Course Completion Resources webpage.

If you are in need of urgent support, visit the Student Financial Services website for more information about financial aid and funding options. Contact Student Support and Advising to speak with an advisor.

We have heard from students about a number of financial concerns over the course of the labour disruption. As additional supports to students, the below options are now available to help you complete your Winter 2024 courses.

Tuition credits for courses that were dropped (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate students who have withdrawn from a course during the labour disruption or will withdraw during the remediation period will be eligible to receive a tuition credit to be used in the upcoming year. The tuition credit opportunity (TCO) will waive course tuition fees in summer or fall 2024, or winter 2025, equivalent to the total number of credits you chose to withdraw from. For example, if you withdrew from two courses worth 3.0 credits each, your tuition credit will be equivalent to the value of 6.0 credits (cost of 3.0 credits x 2 courses = value of 6.0 credits).

More details about the tuition credit opportunity will be added to the Course Completion Resources webpage soon.

For students receiving OSAP, the University is working with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities to determine impacts for OSAP recipients and their funding. We recommend that students wait to drop any courses until this further information is available, and a reminder that there is time as the last drop date has been extended to the final day of classes during the remediation period (which will be announced once suspended classes resume).

More emergency undergraduate bursaries

To support undergraduate students during the revised period for assignments and exams (remediation period), the University has increased the amount of emergency bursaries available to students. This bursary will help cover non-tuition related costs, such as additional living expenses, travel or childcare costs.

Students can apply for emergency assistance at any time, and the application period and more details for this specific bursary will be determined once the labour disruption ends.

As a reminder, we recommend undergraduate students review the course completion resources website for more details and considerations about your options. To support you in making an informed decision about completing your courses, we encourage you to explore your eligibility and options based on your course status with the Course Completion Navigator (Undergraduate) tool.

Our various student services remain available to support you and if you need personal help, we encourage you to access well-being resources.