Completion of Courses and Finalization of Grades: Update April 9, 2024

Completion of Courses and Finalization of Grades: Update April 9, 2024

We understand you may have questions about course completion options, particularly about assessed grades. Based on what we’ve heard from students, below are additional updates that have just been approved by the Senate Executive. We hope these adjustments will provide more support for you in finishing your term. 

Extended deadlines in choosing assessed grades

For all undergraduate students, whether your course is continuing or suspended, the deadline to take your current grade as your final grade (an assessed grade) in all full term (Y-term) and winter term (W-term) courses has been extended. You will be able to choose an assessed grade up until the last day of the revised (remediation) examination period, which will be scheduled once the labour disruption ends. 

We encourage you to continue to do what you can to review materials and complete assignments so that you have an easier time completing courses once the disruption is over.

As a reminder, we recommend undergraduate students review the course completion resources website for more details and considerations about each option. To support you in making an informed decision about completing your courses, we encourage you to explore your eligibility and options based on your course status with the Course Completion Navigator (Undergraduate) tool. More resources for grad students will be added shortly and resources will continue to be reviewed and updated with the latest information.

Our various student services remain available to support you and if you need personal help, we encourage you to access well-being resources.